Contact Me For Custom Orders

McFarland Leather specializes in custom leather orders suited to your personalized design and tastes. Own your very own leather masterpiece, which you will be proud to showcase and utilize, in any functional and creative application you desire.

McFarland Leather branded designs are crafted by hand from start to finish. Unlike factory made mass replications, each hide is unique and no two are exactly the same; you will be able to feel with your fingers this organic medium that dates back millennia. What some may consider “imperfections” (scars, brands, holes), I consider beautiful and are intentionally used in many of the pieces to further create one of a kind gear for you.

I have almost fifty years of personal experience in leather working, and can implement various leather working techniques, including carving, stamping, embossing, coloring, dying, shading, burning, lacing, braiding and more. This is my passion, and my heart and soul goes into every piece I create.

McFarland Leather is ready to take custom orders and have already serviced clients locally in the United States, and globablly in Brazil, England, Bulgaria, Ghana, Nicaragua, South Africa, Columbia, Spain, Germany. Join our growing clientele in owning your very own McFarland design.

If you can imagine it in leather, let’s talk and get you the leather gear YOU want. I am open to your ideas, and working with you in the design process.