Placemats and strap display

Finished and in use! Lots of fun carving the mats and dying/painting. Putting the guitar back together and creating "strings" from leather was a blast. It's awesome to be able to create what you want when you want. Off to the next project...

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Guitar Strap Display

Just picked up this sad guitar at a terrific flea market. I think it can be a great display for guitar straps.  I love the look of the distressed body and the orange color.  When it is hanging on the wall I will do an update! Enjoy the sunshine today, [...]

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Skulls and flowers and dragons and…

Always learning, always honing. This month, among the custom orders I am working on, I am working on custom designed placemats. Yeah, placemats. We have a small round table that doesn't fit normal size placemats. So why not make some to fit exactly the odd space? Plus I get to [...]

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Spring Designs

It wasn't even a hard winter but man, am I glad spring is here! I'm working on several  new designs one is for those of you that like to move around.  Its a cross body, back pack, hip/thigh bag that it large enough for the essentials, yet small enough to take everywhere.  With [...]

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Here are some answers to common questions. Can you make this bag (or other item) in that color? Most likely, yes. I don't see any <insert leather item you are looking for>, can you make one? Most likely, yes. Do you make guitar straps, harnesses, wine caddies, ammo cases, knife sheaths, badges, [...]

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Joey McFarland Designs

Many of the items you will find here are one of a kind. I sometimes use the same pattern but leather being a natural material, makes each piece unique. So if you like the design, but not the color, just let me know. I will be posting some special orders [...]

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